N.LN: Astronomy For Children
N.LN: Astronomy For Children
Artist N.LN
Album Astronomy For Children
Label Highpoint Lowlife
Released 1/15/2004
n.ln is the electronic personality of San Francisco based musician Nyles Lannon. Astronomy for Children is an adventurous exhibition of glitchy, catchy abstraction. As guitarist/vocalist in the rock band Film School, an acoustic singer/songwriter, as well as an electronic producer, Lannon keeps himself quite busy exploring his diverse musical interests. Astronomy for Children is forty five minutes of electronic wonder that spans a wide spectrum of sound -- from tight melodic electro to dancey, noisy breaks and droney blissfulness.

This is Lannon's first entirely electronic record, composed in his small bedroom studio in San Francisco in 2002 and 2003. His electronic influences come from growing up listening to his father’s Herbie Hancock and Weather Report records from the early '70s. Lannon connects groove and atmosphere, injecting strong melodies, mysterious vocal samples and alien murmurs into a sound of his own. The result is an ear-catching, highly addictive collection of songs that solidly put Lannon on the map of contemporary electronic producers to watch, and has already attracted eager fans such as Thomas Knack (Opiate) who is set to release an EP of n.ln’s material in the spring of 2004. He also was recently awarded BBC Album of the Week.