Boozoo Bajou: Dust my Broom
Boozoo Bajou: Dust my Broom
Artist Boozoo Bajou
Album Dust my Broom
Label K7
Released 8/8/2005
The term “Dust My Broom“ is rooted in blues music. In the figurative sense, amongst others, this term means to “make a clean sweap“ and the beginning of something new. An apt title for the second album by Boozoo Bajou The atmosphere: Deep. The musical variety: Wide. The references: Multi layered. Boozoo Bajou convey the essence of various roots music styles to the surface and show their intrinsic affinity, no matter if it´s reggae, soul, blues, folk, jazz or original r n´b. The big bracket that combines the roots cultures with Boozoo Bajou is dub - that particular technique that emerged in the early seventies in Jamaica. A technique that cultivated the dissection and rearranging of music, which is now masterfully applied to the contemporary by Boozoo Bajou. Dub though is not re-strained to a slow musical tempo as “Dust My Broom“ playfully illustrates. There´s the manic dancefloor burner “Killer“ feat MC Top Cat, where racy jazz beats, ragga chants and a calypso piano clash together. Or there´s “Blast“, a latinesque, skanking groove piece, where percussions are substituted by dub sounds.

In summary, the new style elements and vocal guest appearances that characterize the Boozoo Bajou sound of 2005 have added an exciting new color to the timeless sound of the German dub duo. Without a doubt, “Dust My Broom“ can already be considered a classic and it´s a more than worthy follow up to “Satta“. An album that will run on heavy rotation in many places coming autumn and winter. !K7 Records is proud to release this masterpiece.