Giant Drag: Hearts and Unicorns
Giant Drag: Hearts and Unicorns
Artist Giant Drag
Album Hearts and Unicorns
Label Interscope Records
Released 9/13/2005
Already a name on the lips of music critics 'round the world (Spin called them a "Band to Watch" earlier this year), the dynamic Los Angeles-based two piece (or three-piece, if you include drummer Micah Calabrese’s left hand playing keyboards) devises a cacophony of whirling, dirty guitar melodies, nerve-wracking drum beats and laconic, sultry vocals throughout the genius that is their debut album, Hearts and Unicorns. The songs sparkle with spontaneity, sounding as if they've unhinged themselves from an untapped corner in vocalist/guitarist Annie Hardy's brain and escaped feverishly out of her mouth before she's had a moment to collect them up again. Her voice evokes Hope Sandoval, Kim Deal, Eleanor Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces) but still sounds like something you've absolutely never heard before, but wish you had been hearing your whole life. And she plays guitar better than you ever will.

Nothing about Hearts and Unicorns is average. Songs like the instant break-up anthem "This Isn’t It" and the hazy, drive of "My Dick Sux" send you plowing down the interstate at 90 mph, while others, like "Cordial Invitation" and "Smashing," ooze softly through your speakers, Annie's reverb-soaked voice drilling itself a million miles deep into your head. And then, of course, there's "Kevin is Gay," the only song to ever feature a verse made up entirely of the word "meow."