Mr. Lexicon: Foreign Policy
Mr. Lexicon: Foreign Policy
Artist Mr. Lexicon
Album Foreign Policy
Label Scruffneck Records
Released 12/10/2004
Mr. Lexicon's debut album, Foreign Policy articulates 5 years in the nomadic lives of 3 illegal immigrants. These men risked everything to create hip hop music in the land that invented it. Their unmistakable presence represents the displaced people of this country while opening up average citizens to new cultural perspectives. This album covers subject matters ranging from politics, xenophobia, party songs, love, and the state of rap music. Their message is fueled by some of the most innovative production in hip hop today. They believe one does not have not have to be from another country to be "foreign". It is a feeling, a state of mind. With thick accents and moustaches, Mr. Lexicon continues to live The American Dream for the foreigner in all of us.