Catastrofiks: The Cirrcus
Catastrofiks: The Cirrcus
Artist Catastrofiks
Album The Cirrcus
Label Philasofikal Records
Released 6/7/2005
Catastrofiks take you on a journey through the many facets of the circus we call hip hop. From the streets, to the club, to the underground, and back to the lab, these 3 unique rappers show their incredible abilities on this debut album; Catastrofiks “the Cirrcus”. Vision Rook and D-Rellz combine for one of the more versatile hip hop albums in recent memory. With production from philly veteran Mike Lowe (aka Amazingrace), and guest appearances by Mr. Eon of High and Mighty, State Store of Chief Kamachi’s Juju Mob, Philly hustler Young Phil of Junk Yard Dogs, and rising R and B star Bradd, this album is sure to satisfy hip hop lovers nationwide.
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