Drums & Tuba: Battles Olé
Drums & Tuba: Battles Olé
Artist Drums & Tuba
Album Battles Olé
Label Righteous Babe Records
Released 9/6/2005
Tension. It's a key ingredient in music that strives to be epochal, music that doesn't just tug at your emotions, it bottles them up and carbonates them, gently adding pressure until they explode all over your shirt. It also tends to instigate great art. Battles Olé, Drums & Tuba's third album on Righteous Babe Records, captures the band at its most intense, building impenetrable sonic walls only to smash them to bits like a hyperactive child who has grown tired of his toys.

Drums & Tuba has always dared to make music that's full of tension--and this time around, what almost killed them has most definitely made them stronger. On Battles Olé, there's a bustle in the hedgerow, but don't be alarmed now--this is a listening experience of epic proportions.