The Church: El Momento Descuidado
The Church: El Momento Descuidado
Artist The Church
Album El Momento Descuidado
Label Cooking Vinyl
Released 7/26/2005
After 17 albums, Australia's premier purveyors of neo-psychedelic dream pop have finally come unplugged. The Liberation Blue Acoustic Series finds the veteran four-piece laying down 14 cuts — including five new tracks — over the span of a weekend. Beginning with "The Unguarded Moment" from 1981's Of Skins and Heart, they gently burn through classics like "Metropolis" and "Under the Milky Way" with an intimacy and intensity that feel more natural than any studio album that they've released in the last ten years. Though billed as acoustic, the Church are far too experimental to just sit in front of the mikes and see what happens; rather, they paint flange on key cymbal crashes, insert the occasional vocal effect, and rearrange the songs to fit the new format with mesmerizing results.