Crystalline: Earth Octave Lounge Vol 2. 
Crystalline: Earth Octave Lounge Vol 2. 
Artist Crystalline
Album Earth Octave Lounge Vol 2. 
Label Interchill records
Released 8/12/2005
With more depth in emotion than Earth Octave Lounge - Volume 1, the journey evolves from Montreal’s M-seven - a classical orchestration of lounge savvy dub rhythms and western Mediterranean instrumentation.  Passionate forces converge in the haunting song “La Rosa”, based upon a traditional Sephardic wedding song, and developed by the newly formed San Francisco duo Aquila, it features the vocals of Irina Mikhailova and instrumentation of David Battenfield. Next up and coming from Finland is Overflow, who delivers a track of pure chill out bliss. Overflow is the solo project of Jyrgen Sachau, co-pilot of psy-trance project Hypersonic Whomen. Continuing the Scandinavian connection is Human Blue with Beautiful Stranger -  a Detroit style tune that builds with a muted 4/4 kick, dancing rim shots, congas and deep rolling bass lines. The flow settles in as we gracefully enter into the luscious and sultry eastern European sounds of Crystalline with a tune produced by the prolific and talented Dream Doktor aka Mere Mortals, Weed, and Nemos, with lovely vocals from Cristina Handrabur.  A brilliant composition comes next with Canada’s Guru Shishya as lazy waltzing piano chords melt into jazzy infusions of Indian blues and classical string progressions creating a satisfying piece of quintessential downtempo. Taking it deeper comes the irresistible ambient dub headz excursion of the very talented Liquid Stranger - one of several projects going for Sweden based  Martin Stääf. The skies clear in pristine fashion as the UK’s Alucidnation aka Bruce Bickerton of Big Chill fame, offers us a timeless gem of arpegiatted and eno-esque bliss. Nestled on a trance inducing rhythm of soft kicks, rides and bouncing bass the huge string orchestrations clear all the clouds away. A good time for Return, produced by Swedish newcomer Fredrik Ohr, a skilled craftsman of harmony, space and sonic textures. Exploring the inner spheres of the mythical and the magical is Bay Area (SF, USA) artist Mystical Sun, with Halo; a track of profound altitude and sublime depth. The album draws to an end as Adham Shaikh guides us gently back to earth with a remix from the classic 1996 instinct records Drift album featuring Tim Floyd on guitars.
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