Frank Jordan: Milk the Thrills
Frank Jordan: Milk the Thrills
Artist Frank Jordan
Album Milk the Thrills
Label Devil In The Woods
Released 3/9/2004
A year after streamlining to their current three piece line-up they went to the studio and recorded with multi-platinum Cake and Deftones engineer Joe Johnston. The result is an introspective, fervent, experimental, jazz-fusion, pop record they call Decoy. A disc that embodies Frank Jordan's signature style and stays firmly outside of the standard song structure box. The first time around the band pressed 500 copies of Decoy, now Cornerstone R.A.S. serves up the analog recording in a digitally re-mastered disc and delivers it to the world inside and out of the Sacramento Valley.

When asked about the band's inspiration and nonlinear song writing style, guitarist and lead singer Mike Visser says "Honestly, the ideas come as mistakes, they come by accident. But they're Great mistakes - and I'm happy that they come."