Caural: Hazardous Materials
Caural: Hazardous Materials
Artist Caural
Album Hazardous Materials
Label Consumers Research & Development Label
Released 7/22/2005
This compilation has a little bit of everything for everyone: the moody instrumental introspectives of Del Rey and The Timeout Drawer, to the minmalist, (sometimes dark) techno of Mr. Projectile, Made and Atom Heart. There's neck-snapping beats from Single Minded Pros and Innerstance.Beatbox along with a posse cut from S.M.P. with lyrics so sharp, you might get hurt if you're not careful. The unpredictability of a TStewart breakcore track, the live drums/electronic aggressiveness of Salvo Beta, the digital manipulation of Miles Tilmann and Cepia in making other peoples tracks their own, Mark Denardo's guitar and various percussion winding itself the electronic treatments of Miles Tilmann. The way Caural uses the sampling of source material to create something beautiful, and the way Stuntrock can make bottle rage into 2 minutes with a track title that takes 2 minutes to write. It's all here.

Something old, something new, and some friends drop by to help Consumers remain the forward thinking label it set out to be. Give it a listen.

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