D'Nell: Real Music For Real People
D'Nell: Real Music For Real People
Artist D'Nell
Album Real Music For Real People
Label BBE
Released 6/21/2005
Often times when listening to a DJ mix CD the listener is left with a sense that something is missing. The experience of going on a journey of musical discovery has been replaced from DJ mixes in exchange for a highly regimented selection of well known music. BBE presents Real Music For Real People a new series that serves as a reaction to the current status quo.

Selected and mixed by DJ Language, this collection serves as a guide for a global audience of disenchanted music lovers searching for great music not offered by the mainstream. In the tradition of great music accompanied by great artwork, Real Music For Real People features extensive liner notes brought to life through the art direction and design of reknowned artist Kenzo Minami. Not limited by genre Real Music For Real People is a journey through Hip-Hop, House, Disco, Broken Beat and R & B. Featured artists include Roy Ayers, DJ Mitsu, The Foreign Exchange, Bugz In The Attic, DJ Spinna, the Platinum Pied Pipers, and yes, even Nas.

The motivation behind the song selection for DJ Language was "To showcase the rich diversity of soulful music being made right now... There is so much amazing music both old and new that never makes its way to the ears of the people who want to hear it, and there’s more of us out there than the mainstream would have you believe. I hope that the open-minded attitude of this collection goes a ways towards remedying that disparity; as commercial outlets like radio and TV become increasingly narrow-minded and numbingly repetitive..." It’s important to note that not only does DJ Language present a selection of great music, but it is masterfully mixed with one goal in mind; to make you dance as only Real Music For Real People can.