Martin Rev: To Live
Martin Rev: To Live
Artist Martin Rev
Album To Live
Label None
Released 9/30/2003
Based in NYC, Rev has remained as one of music’s most interesting and influential music producers since the late 70’s. Emerging from the New York punk rock and art scene as the instrumentalist of Suicide, his pulsing and hissing keyboards laid a foundation for vocalist Alan Vega’s ranting Beat vocals. Now in the 2000’s, the electroclash/no wave/NYC movement continues take the world by storm. Many of these new groups openly acknowledge the inspiration of Rev’s works. It’s important to celebrate lineage and Rev’s accomplishments, but 2003’s To Live is some of Martin’s finest work and it deserves to stand on it’s own merit. To Live is perhaps his most innovative and accessible as it mixes his signature pulses, filters, and noise with melodic and entrancing vocals. Martin’s sinister beats and swells, dodge and delight from the early electro rock of the opening title track, to the swaggering avant funk of ‘Gutter Rock,’ to the Suicide-like ‘Painted,’ to the Cure-ish pop of ‘Places I Go’ that interestingly, does not feature any noticeable keyboards.