Skopic: Skopic
Skopic: Skopic
Artist Skopic
Album Skopic
Label Lunaticworks
Released 6/28/2005
Haunting, moody and obscure, the tracks display a seductive artistry, a mingling of murky electronic noises meshed with lush, live instrumentation. A danceable combustion of shakers, tambourines, and inventive loops fuse to form the album’s enticing opening track “Allow Me…”. “Bound by Sound” is pulsating, light absorbing, and disturbingly chilly, with a nightmarish ambiance that downright gives one the willies. The gripping melody of “Verbatim” with its fuzz tone vocals and wild tempo shifts catapults the listener through a dense and dripping dream state, while “Final Stretch” concludes the album with thick and engaging multi-textured percussion. Despite the record’s robust nature, the last lullaby delicately contorts itself into oblivion, leaving the listener yearning for more. Skopic is sharing his boudoir secrets with you; pull back the curtain and have a peek.