Peter Elkas: Party Of One
Peter Elkas: Party Of One
Artist Peter Elkas
Album Party Of One
Label Maple Music
Released 9/14/2004
Musically, Party of One is a more soulful experience than some of his previous work with the Rabbits, showcasing Peter's rich vocals and skill on the guitar. "This record talks about loneliness, bad decisions, moving on, searching, and working," says the self-proclaimed "woe-is-me" lyricist. The album, written during a transitional period in Peter's life, is a perfect example of an artist finding his voice. Emotions are effectively, yet simply, captured and reflected. He writes with poignant honesty, singing about experiences to which all listeners can easily relate, although few would have the nerve to broach with such candour.

In the overly suspicious "I See Fine" Peter confronts the impending doom of a relationship as he croons, "Where'd you go that night, you prob'ly had comp'ny…if he gives you butterflies try to see what it could mean…", while in "In My Den" he seductively and unabashedly invites "in my den you're welcome every day, I can't pretend I don't want you to stay…". The title track, "Party Of One" hears him calling on his friends as he laments his lonely state.

Party Of One is a rewarding debut for Elkas, the result of traveling unfamiliar terrain and taking risks. "I still think the Rabbits is the most exciting band I've played in, or even heard, in a lot of ways" he says, "but I like solo. It's easier to absorb. It's a bit more palpable." As a party of one, he certainly holds his own.