Midstates: Shadowing Ghosts
Midstates: Shadowing Ghosts
Artist Midstates
Album Shadowing Ghosts
Label Mental Monkey Records
Released 1/21/2003
Persistance prevails as a self-released record appeared entitled Mathing Moonlight, and new doors of perception were opened. On this album, the band displayed the more experimental and esoteric shades of their psychedelic journeys. Like their space rock forefathers Spacemen 3, Novasonic Down Hyperspace displayed the ability to merge memorable moments from the lost library of sound. Their soothing pop melodies were now surrounded by Faust styled (60's Krautrock masters) strung out and drugged out jams. The occasional twangy guitar and old school organ effects were highlighted with angelic overtones and a landscape of lush synthesizers that glowed in the background. Mathing Moonlight required a few more listens than many writers were willing to give it. Fortunately, Chicago understood and embraced our fine fellows.