Sterling: Sterling
Sterling: Sterling
Artist Sterling
Album Sterling
Label None
Released 4/15/2003
Sterling's second album features Jim DelFosse’s carefully constructed guitar and striking grand piano compositions, Eric Chaleff’s dark layers of fluid and brooding guitar lines, and Tony Lazzara’s [Atombombpocketknife, ex A-Set] drum kit that flows from absolutely crushing to whispering and fragile. The bass playing in Sterling comes from a number of sources including Milemarker’s Al Burian and 90 Day Men’s Robert Lowe, who have both recently played live with the group. Craig Ackerman of Lustre King and Abilene plays the carefully written bass lines on this new album. Sterling’s album (FT 43) was recorded by Jeremy Lemos [,b>Stereolab, Joan of Arc, Jim O’Rourke, Wilco, Smog, US Maple] and Mike Lust [Wilco, Lustre King, Atombombpocketknife, Sweep The Leg Johnny] at Semaphore and Acme Studios and then mixed by Mike Lust. The result is some of the most creative, interesting, yet tasteful production yet seen from Chicago.